FFO: Modest Mouse, MewithoutYou, Bright Eyes


Wild Cat Strike reveal a freshly sharpened spin on their signature sound – an idiosyncratic, noisy-beautiful brand of alternative rock that is brimming with post-rock and folk influences.

With a visceral yet nuanced vocal style, frontman, guitarist and songwriter Danny Byrom finds influence between Bright Eyes and Bukowski, quoting the latter on latest single, Horses. Max Boughen (guitar), Chris Whitehorn (bass) and Joe Caple (drums) complete the immersive sonic backdrop. Their new material is as personal and lyrically charged as ever, finding Byrom ruminating on life, death and memory, while the band maintain an experimental charm and flair for sonic abrasion. These succinct and arresting songs will hook hard on the heartstrings, demanding repeat listens as they criss-cross in and out of chaos.

"Beaming with flowing guitars and absorbing vocals...It’s hard not to become completely immersed in its emotive tone" - Giggoer

"Truly believable stories of epic proportions delivered with an utterly convincing performance.” – TWOTHREEFOUR