FFO: Employed To Serve, Glassjaw

Palm Reader have spent the last seven years honing their craft everywhere from the dingiest toilet venues in Britain to the biggest festival stages in Europe, continuously improving both as a live band and as songwriters as they have crept stealth like to the upper echelons of the United Kingdom's most respected underground acts. With a successful debut album under their belts the band continued their immaculate work ethic into building to the release in early 2015 of their stunning sophomore effort Besides The One's We Love, once again it's release, this time on the acclaimed In At The Deep End Records, was met with universally positive reviews.

After an uncalculatable number of live shows over five years, the members of Palm Reader decided to take some time away from the live environment to dedicate themselves fully to the creation of their third album. In their absence many young, new British bands have taken commercial and artistic leaps toward Palm Reader, with the band themselves now no longer the young upstarts with potential, instead the pressure is on them to deliver a career defining masterpiece.